The Lonan Planting

Megan150 more trees planted today near Lonan, so we’re up to just below 1300 trees in 11 sites so far this season. The weather looked unpromising, but we must be doing something right, as it was warm and windless – well, relatively so by Manx standards!

And although grey, only spots of rain. The main challenge was finding the site, but 12 of us – including two very helpful junior operatives – arrived a little surprised to find they had arrived where they were meant to! The site looked unpromising with gorse, humps and bumps and deep water-filled ruts, but the landowner had helpfully cleared two planting sites with a digger, so we planted in almost flat, stone-free ground, so the planting went very smoothly and and soon all trees were in and quality checked. Eleven different sorts of trees planted: alder, ash, aspen, blackthorn, downy birch, wild cherry, dogwood, hawthorn, hazel, rowan, and willow. A good mix which should avoid the dangers of planting too many of one species together in one place.

Vivienne’s cheerful and delicious refreshments followed, while we watched a horse being shorn and a friendly dog trying to look as if not interested in cake. The route out was much shorter due to the intricacies of the one way system, so we were soon home free. Next time is in Ballabeg on very easy planting ground. Hope to see you there!

Best wishes,