About us

We are a charity on the island, formed in 2005. We are an independent woodland trust without connection to any other trusts.

Our aims are:-

We have taken responsibility of a 4 acre site near Sartfell, leased to us by the Island’s Forestry department.  This is a hill-side gulley which experiences strong winds from the west.  We have planted around 450 trees on this site to ascertain which species of tree are most likely to survive on such an exposed site.

Most recently, with the kind permission of Onchan District Commissioners, we have been busy transforming the former scrubland and tip known as Centenary Park into a nature reserve and park replete with trees, wild flowers, picnic area, pond and memorial woodland.

As well as planting a variety of broad leaf trees, a small orchard of fruit trees, and individual commemorative trees – we have worked closely with the Royal British Legion and the Royal Air Force to plant a special area of memorial woodland of 1,267 trees – one for each and every Manxman who lost his life in the First World War.

Please note that we are always willing to plant trees on other people’s land and now plant over 2,000 trees every winter on land not owned by the Trust.  Please contact usTrust if you wish to have some trees planted on your land.