to farmers & landowners

The Isle of Man Woodland Trust (IOMWT) is a small local charity. We specialise in facilitating the planting of trees on the island by providing information, volunteers and organising logistics such as provision of tools, saplings and tree shelters.

Number & size of trees: Our preference is to plant woodlands but we occasionally plant shelter belts or hedges. We usually plant 250+ saplings (minimum 150) which are 40-60cm tall. Saplings are usually planted about 2.5 metres apart as they support each other through root systems, habitat transformation and diminishing wind impacts.

Tree species & wildlife: We plant a mix of predominantly native species and try to avoid areas that are already full of wildlife, i.e. wetlands and diversity-rich grasslands

Site surveys are usually undertaken from September until March. Suitability of tree species, the number of each species and the layout of the planting are assessed. Our site surveyor Steve Prescott, drawing on many years of experience, will be able to discuss possible tree layouts with the landowner to maximise benefits. 

Plantings days take place from the start of October until the end of March. An indicative date is going to be given to you and we try to confirm a definite date a couple of weeks in advance. Planting days are usually on Sunday mornings between 10.30am and 1pm. Plantings with a company or school children are usually during the week. You would be very welcome to take part in the planting but there is no expectation of your participation.

Costs: Farmers can access the funding for agri-environment initiatives from government. These include attractive funding for trees, shelters, planting work and stock proofing.

Non-Farmers can access the tree grant scheme from government: Click here for an information leaflet and here for a Stage 1 Application Form.

You could compensate us for the costs of the saplings including shelters and we plant them with volunteers, many of whom are experienced regulars. The cost per sapling is £5 with a plastic tube and stake or £3 with a spiral and bamboo cane. The tube and stake version is our recommended option as it offers more support for the sapling, requires less maintenance and the tube can be re-used.

For some projects we can provide financial assistance from our charity’s funds.

Alternatively, the IOMWT can provide the funding from the monies donated by companies if you allow the planting of saplings with inexperienced corporate volunteers or schoolchildren under oversight of two of our experienced planters. The trees would likely be planted to a slightly lower standard but the survival rate would still be high. Relatively flat sites for an easy planting experience or sites close to Douglas are welcomed for this option.

Underground utility check: Before contacting our site surveyor, please ascertain that the prospective planting area has no utilities underground. These might include water pipes, gas pipes and electricity cables. You can contact all utilities at once by emailing with name, address, phone number and location of work including a map if possible.

Planning applications are required for projects over 0.5 hectares (5,000sqm) if they are afforested ‘at or about the same time’. It is up to the landowner to make the application. The areas need to be made stock-proof for the first ten years of their lives

Aftercare: All sites that we planted on can apply for a free ‘shelter removal session’. Tubes are usually taken off after about six years, spirals after four years. Depending on conditions, saplings may need other care in the first years. The IOMWT can provide you with some verbal guidance and you can find information on our website. The charity does not have the resources to look after every site it has ever planted but large planting sites (>1000 saplings) may get temporary assistance.

Next step: If you would like to take up this offer to have trees planted, please fill in our appliction form for either farmers or non-farmers and send it to Alternatively you can contact Steve Prescott by emailing or calling 07624 354905