Our sites

Centenary Park, Onchan

The former scrubland and tip has been transformed into a place for nature and recreational area replete with trees, wild flowers, picnic tables, a pond and a looped walking track.

A variety of broad leaf trees, a small orchard of fruit trees, a memorial woodland and individual commemorative trees have been planted. The memorial woodland has been a co-creation with the Royal British Legion and the Royal Air Force. One tree for each and every Manxman who lost his life in the First World War has been planted there, 1267 in total.

Centenary Park has been leased to the Isle of Man Woodland Trust by Onchan Commissioners.

Centenary Park is on Birch Hill, Onchan.

At the end of the cul-de-sac of Highfield Close is a small path that connects to the park. Cars should be parked away from the small road leading into the cul-de-sac as it is very narrow and cars leaving the surrounding houses might have a hard time to get out of their driveway.

A bus stop is very close at Highfield Crescent.

Eyreton Wood, Crosby

The small woodland was given to the Isle of Man Woodland Trust by the former landowner of the area that is now the housing estate. It is assumed to be around 100 years old and has many ash, elms, a few oaks and many sychamore. In 2013 to enhance the habitat, the Isle of Man Woodland Trust has taken a few sychamore out and underplanted the existing wood with mainly hazel, a few hawthorn and a few blackthorn. The woodland is periodically managed by removing young sychamore saplings to encourage more favoured species to thrive.

Eyreton Wood is in Crosby. Parking is easiest in the housing estate. A small path leads from the housing estate to the entrance to the woodland. There are no managed pathways.

Riverside land, Glen Maye

Our tree planting there helped to shade out japanese knotweed. 60 Alder, 20 Willow and 20 cherries were planted there in 2010 and they have grown well.

Sartfell Bend

The 4 acre site near Sartfell has been leased to us by the Island’s Forestry department.  This is a hill-side gulley which experiences strong winds from the west.  We have planted around 450 trees on this site to ascertain which species of tree are most likely to survive on such an exposed site.