Falk Horning – Chairperson

Falk moved to the Isle of Man in 2009 and is originally from Germany. He lives in Douglas and became an elected Councillor for the city in 2016. Besides his engagement for the Woodland Trust, he is also a member of Isle of Man Friends of the Earth and Zero Waste Mann. He is always open for a chat about philosophy and life while planting. If you are new to tree planting with us he can point you in the right direction.

Steve Prescott – Site surveyor

Steve runs Isle of Man’s only native tree nursery Manx Native Trees where he grows Manx trees from seed and supplies the Isle of Man Woodland Trust with saplings to plant at our Centenary Park and landowner sites.  He’s the man who’ll draw up planting plans and species breakdowns with you if you’re thinking about planting trees on your land.

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Clara Barker – Membership Secretary

Clara was born and raised in the south of the island and earned her BSc(Hons) in psychology at Bolton University.  She returned to the Island 7 years after graduating with a renewed appreciation for and a strong desire to help protect the beautiful Manx countryside.   Clara works as a Bereavement Specialist for an international bank in Douglas has served as a director of the Isle of Man Woodland Trust since 2013.  She also writes love songs.

Gillian Large – Treasurer

Gill first joined one of our tree plantings in 2017. Since then she has become gradually more involved and stepped up as treasurer in 2022. She is especially known for her tasty baking treats, the banana cake she sometimes brings to plantings seems to evaporate every time. Gill can be frequently spotted at our Centenary Park caretaking sessions. Besides the Woodland Trust, Gill also volunteers for the Crossroads charity shop.

John Mackellar – Secretary

John first became involved with the Woodland Trust in October 2019 after hearing about it from a work colleague. Since then he has been on numerous tree planting sessions at different areas of the island. He thinks it’s a great way to help the island as well get some fresh air and exercise on a Sunday morning.

Ben Brooker

Ben joined our Trust many years ago and led a few planting parties. Our website is under his protective care. He is a professional arborist, which comes in handy when we need some advice. He is well known for his tree climbing skills. To visit his business website, click here

Phil Corlett

Phil has served as coordinator of the Isle of Man Friends of the Earth for many years and he is on the committee of Zero Waste Man.  He is a keen scuba diver with a great interest in protection of the seas and participated in the Isle of Man zoning of marine protected areas.  He is also a beekeeper and the island’s community with many other hands-on engagements.

Sarah Callin

Sarah was our treasurer, planted trees and filled in charity forms. She is a fabulous example of a working mother of two children. She also helps other charities with fund raising, especially the island’s leading breast cancer charity. In her spare time she can be found mountain biking on the hills and in the woods.