Hall of fame

Corporate supporters by membership level and first year of continuous membership

Capital International (2021)

Isle of Man Bank (2022)

Appleby (2019)

Zedra (2021)

Greystone (2022)

Bernhard Schulte Ship Management (2011)
Lloyds Bank International (~2013)
Santander (2020)
DQ Advocates Limited (2021)
Aurora Wellness (2021)
Newfield Ltd (2022)
Suez Recycling & Recovery IoM Ltd(2022)

Coin Corner (2019)
Consultant Base Ltd (2019)
Energy Management Systems (2021)
Zeal Limited (2021)
JTC Ltd (2022)

Individual members who made an outstanding impact

Arrowsmith, Thurston – has planted trees and looked after them for decades, helps the IOMWT whenever he can
Brooker, Ben – long time director, hosts website at no cost to the IOMWT
Carter, Gavin – longterm head caretaker of Eyreton Wood, removed diseased trees at no cost
Clague, Stewart & Barbara – planted thousands of native trees around Ballannette and other parts of the island
Corlett, Phil – integral for the transformation and maintenance of Centenary Park
Langhan-Newton, Andrew & Shelley – for their extraordinary efforts to protect the St. Marks’ Elm Tree Tunnel
Gawne, Phil – improved the tree cover in Rushen & Arbory and elsewhere
Prescott, Stephen – nurses tens of thousands of trees from local seed sources
Sadler, Robin & close family – planted tens of thousands of native trees at Ballayolgane Farm

Late members who made an outstanding impact

Barnett, Vivienne – secretary of the IOMWT until 2017, handled almost all admin challenges
Maddrell, Simon – chairperson of the IOMWT until 2018, lead with wisdom and kindness
Martin, Clive – Centenary Park transformer, spent over a thousand hours!
Wiseman, David – substantial legacy to the IOMWT