The Ballabeg Planting

Three young helpersSunday February 8 saw our latest planting, this time at Ballabeg. On this occasion we planted 100 young aspens on behalf of Bernard Schulte Ship Management, one of our loyal company members.

As part of their annual subscription we undertake to plant 100 trees at one of our sites. 13 helpers appeared and were rewarded with little wind and continuous sunshine – and the 100 holes for the trees had been already dug the day before by Clive, who loves digging holes undisturbed! Three energetic young helpers soon set out all the protective tubes, so all that the regulars had to do was put the young trees in and support the protective etudes with bamboos. So everything went very smoothly and we were soon finished. Vivienne’s refreshments were given our usual attention, so smiles all round.

Next time, Sunday February 22 we are again down south, at Ronague; hope to see you there!

Best wishes,