The Hibernia Planting

Planting overOur latest planting was at a site in the shade of the magnificent, brooding and mighty North Barrule. A beautiful site on a slope leading down to a newly formed pond fringed with old and interestingly shaped Scots pines.

Easy going, especially as the landowner and Vivienne had already set out bamboos to mark exactly where the trees were to go. A total of 25 helpers appeared, although several were very young children, who nonetheless helped in all the ways they could! 150 trees were soon in, all protected against rabbits with spiral tubes that expand as the trees grow. As usual, we planted a good mix of trees; twelve sorts: alder, downy birch, blackthorn, wild cherry, crab apple, dogwood, hawthorn, hazel, cherry plum, rowan, Scots pine, and willow, including one especially planted by its namesake, a young girl called Willow! We retreated to a spacious barn and enjoyed a splendid mix of refreshments from Vivienne and our hosts. We now have more than 1750 trees planted since the beginning of the season at sixteen different site! Well on track for a record year!

Our next planting is not, as advertised, next week, March 22, but the week after Easter, April 12. However, one of our members, Richard, has been contacted by the Forestry Board to help with a planting to replace felled larches, victims of the fungal disease that has caused devastation of larches here and in the UK. If any of you can help, the planting will happen very close to the crossroads at The Braaid on the road to Douglas. The planting is planned to start at 11 a.m.