To Farmers and Landowners 

We would like to work with farmers and landowners in the Isle of Man in creating areas of new woodland along field margins, field corners, or on other pieces of land. Our aims are to provide wildlife areas for birds and insects as well to enhance the beauty of the Island and make a significant contribution to carbon capture in the future.

The Isle of Man Friends of the Earth group started to plant broad leaved trees on the Island in 1993, and some of the areas planted are already woodlands with trees upto 25ft tall. A lot of these plantings were around field edges, and it is amazing the difference to the landscape that 100 trees can make. We aim to continue this work.

Small areas of new woodland can make a real difference to the effects of climate change. In 2012 we planted about 2,500 trees at various sites on the Island. In 2013 we ran a campaign called “Plant a Manx Tree in Twenty One Three” and planted in excess of 2,302 trees. In 2014 we are campaigning to “Plant some more in 2014!”.

So far the IOM Woodland Trust has planted about 10,000 trees across the Island. Bare figures are impressive but do not reveal the true benefits of an increasingly beautiful landscape that we will leave for our children and grandchildren. It is also a source of intense satisfaction to revisit an area where you have previously helped plant trees and see them healthy and growing well.

If you have a corner of a field or an area of land which you would like to be planted with young trees, then we are able to provide trees and volunteers to plant them. All we ask is that you make the area stock-proof for the first ten years of their lives. A donation towards the cost of the trees would be most welcome, but is not obligatory.

As farmers and landowners, you will already be aware of the value of wildlife areas and woodland habitats for increasing biodiversity, flood control and health of the land. Not only do they provide food and protection for insects and birds, but they make a safe environment for polinating insects which are so important in the growing of food crops.

If you would like to take up this offer to have trees planted, please contact Mrs. Vivienne Barnett (telephone: 843726 or e-mail: