Celebration trees

‘Tree of Life’ Field, Sulby Glen

trees-004We have been planting on a beautiful site in Sulby Glen by the side of the Sulby river, where we have been able to plant trees in memory of the life of a loved one, or to celebrate the birth of a baby, or to mark a special wedding anniversary, or, indeed, any other landmark.  However we are unable to plant anymore trees on this site at the moment because all the available area has been used up.

The cost of a memorial tree is £30 which covers the cost of the tree and its planting, together with a strong protective cage and stakes.

We are looking for another site at the moment. Should you wish to arrange for a tree to be planted when a suitable site becomes available then please contact Mrs. V. Barnett, telephone: 843 726 or e-mail:   barnett@manx.net