Tree Planting Glen Chass 19/4/15

Three young helpersTree Planting at Glen Chass, near Port St. Mary at 11.00 a.m. on Sunday, 19th April 2015

We have been asked to plant a mixture of 200 trees across a hillside at Glen Chass, near Port St. Mary.  Although the hillside is fairly steep, paths have been strimmed for the planting, so the footing will be O.K. The mixture of trees will give blossom, berries and Autumn colour and provide a wonderful habitat for wildlife in future years.

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The Andreas Planting

Mrs Q at workOur planting down the north this week went very well. The rain radar forecast was miserable; prolonged steady rain. And driving north – to our most northerly planting yet – I was met with four foot wide rivers of rainwater rushing down every hill.

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Tree Planting Smeale 12/04/15

Host and young apprenticeTree Planting at Smeale, near Andreas at 11.00 a.m. on Sunday, 12th April 2015.

At Knock e Nean, Smeale, near Andreas, we have been asked to plant a mixture of trees across a field corner, and to create a hedgerow along a second field, with a few infill trees in an area already planted by the landowner.  We will be planting in fields which have easy access, so no great hills to clime or distances to tramp.

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