The Hibernia Planting

Planting overOur latest planting was at a site in the shade of the magnificent, brooding and mighty North Barrule. A beautiful site on a slope leading down to a newly formed pond fringed with old and interestingly shaped Scots pines.

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Tree Planting Hibernia 15/03/15

Angry bird helpersTree Planting at Hibernian at 11.00 a.m. on Sunday, 15th March 2015

We have been asked to plant 150 mixed trees in another site at Hibernian, so we really will be making a difference to the landscape around that area of the Island.  The ground is a bit rougher, so please wear good boots or shoes. Everyone welcome.

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The Ronague Planting

Planting in the rainOur luck with planting weather finally ran out. Perhaps there is a law of averages, after all… Not excessive amounts of any of them, but wind, rain and 4C made for a trial of obduracy – which we passed!

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